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The difference between B2B and consumer brand strategy

It occurred to me recently, that, while most of the clients we work with at Di Marca are what you … Read More >

Sanctuary Makers

Driven by a vision to reinvent the decorating industry and create an amazing experience for customers, a new retail brand … Read More >

Signalling could be undermining your brand’s potential without you realising it

It’s fair to say I’ve become a little obsessed with behavioural science recently, and this is my first article in … Read More >

Brand strategy first, execute second

The best brand strategy in the world can only make a positive impact on your business if it’s embraced by … Read More >


Aplas is the world’s first software mapping platform, transforming how business understands its digital nervous system. Aplas came to Di … Read More >

Daily actions are the secret to building a B2B brand quickly

I recently had a client who was really wowed with the value their team got out of investing in their … Read More >

A brand is a fragile idea that lives in the mind

Brand is a word that makes me feel a little uncomfortable sometimes. It often creates a little tension inside me … Read More >

Take your business to the next level by transforming your culture through behaviour

Consider this for a moment. You may be underutilising your people and their behaviour as the key ingredient to transform … Read More >


The Brief: Produce an Annual Report which highlighted the real impact of Annecto – a social purpose not-for-profit organisation offering tailored … Read More >


The Brief: Develop a name and visual identity to bring to market a new red apple variety which has been … Read More >

The Trawool Estate

The Brief Develop a new brand identity to re-launch a tired (ok, more like dilapidated!) hotel resort just over an … Read More >

Your company values suck, because they aren’t sticky enough.

Depending on how you approach them, your company’s values will either be a living breathing part of your organisation, or … Read More >

Goulburn River Gold

The Brief Develop an export brand to create more value for the Australian pear industry. The Outcome We began with … Read More >


The Brief Develop and execute a strategy to launch a new generation blushed pear into the marketplace and reinvigorate the … Read More >

The power of your people

Let’s start with the simple principle – better relationships mean better business. Your business, just like your personal lives, are … Read More >

Take a leap of faith this year

I love the beginning of a New Year. It’s a brave new world – a feeling that anything is possible, … Read More >

How to win customers and influence your people

I’m going to let you in on one of my favourite secrets. It’s not really a ‘secret’ secret, but rather … Read More >

Your brand doesn’t need a higher purpose. It needs a clear one

Brand Purpose has certainly become a bit of a buzzword in branding recently. When you hear the term you might associate … Read More >

Brand names, positioning and the battle for the mind of your audience

I read Al Reis & Jack Trout’s seminal book on Brand Positioning again not long ago. Originally published in 1980 and updated … Read More >

Do things differently, if you want to drive business growth

Someone asked me recently to describe Di Marca’s ideal type of client to them. It’s an interesting question for any … Read More >