The Brief

Develop and execute a strategy to launch a new generation blushed pear into the marketplace and reinvigorate the pear category which was ripe for some new thinking (pun intended).

The Outcome

The ‘aha’ moment came from the category research when a consumer commented that “Pears are the quietest fruit in the supermarket”. When we thought about that some more, it made sense. When people thought of pears, they thought of their Nanna’s fruit bowl. People had fallen out of love with pears.

The strategy became clear: Develop a brand to help people fall in love with pears again.

The result was Rico – a pear full of personality. Delightfully different, and full of blush appeal, Rico is now breaking hearts in fruit bowls around Australia and Asia, with plans for world domination coming in the near future.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
POS Material