Country Road Group & David Jones Modern Slavery Reports

The fact that slavery did not end with the 19th century abolition is a hard truth to swallow. Today modern slavery is estimated to violate the fundamental human rights of some 45 million people globally, and like most in the fashion industry, Country Road Group and David Jones face the critical challenge of identifying and eliminating exploitative labour practices in their global supply chains.

Country Road Group and David Jones (both subsidiaries of South Africa’s Woolworths Holdings Ltd) came to Di Marca seeking to better represent their efforts in ethics and sustainability as articulated in their their Modern Slavery Statements each year.

We were tasked with reimagining the format of their reporting, to make the documents easier to read and communicate the outcomes more effectively.

The Outcome/Solution

The result was a suite of elegant and user-friendly digital reports, brought to life with infographics, diagrammatics and pull-out quotes, each working to summaries and clarify complex information into bit-size segments.

We threw out the traditional conventions of a report and redesigning the documents in a landscape format better suited for digital consumption, with an interactive top level navigation to heighten readability and accessibility.

Country Road Group and David Jones are considered by many as industry leaders in social, ethical and environmental sustainability, and it was a pleasure to work with them to produce statements that truly reflect the great work they are doing.

What we did

– Publication design
– Infographics and illustration
– Typesetting and proofing