The Brief

Develop a name and visual identity to bring to market a new red apple variety which has been bred and developed in Queensland over the last thirty years.

The Outcome

We work a lot in the fruit category and felt it was becoming unnecessarily overcomplicated when it comes to brands. We decided to take a straightforward approach with Kalei, and set about creating an identity that would be distinctive and memorable in a cluttered supermarket. 

We began with positioning Kalei around using its sweet flavour as an advantage, and the tagline ‘Apples never tasted so good’. Sweet things are fun, so taking this further we used new technology in fruit labelling allowing multiple designs on a single line to turn the smallest packaging surface area in a supermarket  to our advantage. 

The result is a brand identity for a sweet apple that looks like ‘hundreds and thousands’ sitting in a fruit bin.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
POS Material