Daily actions are the secret to building a B2B brand quickly

I recently had a client who was really wowed with the value their team got out of investing in their brand strategy as the foundation to take their business to the next level.

They were clear that the brand strategy was only the start and there was plenty of work to be done. They had also planned ahead and put budget aside to execute the marketing and communications program that was to follow.

The struggle in their mind was working out what their people could do to start implementing that brand strategy without waiting for the marketing material such as the brochures, website and signage to be completed and rolled out.

They were anxious to get the ball rolling so their customers could experience the value and insights uncovered in the brand strategy workshops right now.

The best brands in the world become distinctive and memorable by building what their brand stands for from the ground up

It doesn’t necessarily mean investing big budgets in marketing and communications campaigns, it means starting with being consistent in delivery of the brand strategy through your daily actions like writing an email, a phone call with a client, talking to suppliers and writing proposals. This also extends right down to how people behave in the workplace and collaborate with their colleagues. All these simple daily actions are where you start building a memorable brand experience. The secret is in your people understanding the brand strategy and their role in consistently delivering what’s special about your business on a daily basis.

Building brands through daily actions seems so simple and obvious when you say it. But doing it takes commitment from the very top of the organisation right down the very bottom. Leaders lead change and it requires everyone being on the same page, playing their role to deliver what their brand strategy promises.

Everybody, every decision, every day – a brand mantra to live by

Brand perceptions are shaped by words and actions. So, it is the responsibility of every one of your people to shape meaningful brand experiences for your customers. Your people can only shape these ‘experiences’ if they understand it all starts with the little things.

We’ll all get more value out of our businesses when we recognise the secret is underpinning the overall investment in brand strategy and marketing with simple daily actions.