Steve Alley

Steve Alley

‘Every brand has a unique story to tell and the power of that storytelling is in aligning the thoughts and ideas of all your people. Your brand strategy, cultural values and story need to be made clear to them to create a brand this is hard to ignore.’


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Where are you from?

Born in Engadine, slap bang in the middle of ‘the Shire’ Sydney. God’s country!

What inspires you?

Helping and inspiring people to get what they want out of business and life.

Favourite movie?

Hidden Figures – I grew up in the space-race generation where landing a man on the moon united people around the world. I loved the movie’s story and NASA’s history of utilising exceptionally talented people as the first computers.  The movie also doesn’t shy away from bringing to light the challenges women and different races faced in society during the sixties.

Favourite album cover?

Being a massive Rolling Stones fan, it’s hard to go past ‘Sticky fingers’ with its bold graphic cover and zipper created by Andy Warhol. I love the final execution, foldout cover. Also, the story about the written brief to Andy on letterhead from the Rolling Stones with the simple words, ‘tell us how much you want to charge’.

Favourite holiday destination?

Lord Howe Island. The idyllic tropical island at the southernmost point of the Great Barrier Reef! Wow, beam me up Scotty!

What 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party if you could?

Milton Glaser, Buckminster Fuller, Mabo, Amelia Earhart, Phil Knight and of course, Mick Jagger.

Coffee or Tea?

Is this a trick question? It’s got to be coffee…Melbourne coffee!

What are you most passionate about outside work?

Getting away to the mountains, a beautiful beach or a tropical island, to enjoy time with my family and friends.