Aplas is the world’s first software mapping platform, transforming how business understands its digital nervous system.

The Brief

Aplas came to Di Marca looking for a brand identity and strategy that would successfully launch them to the world.

Gaining traction as an IT start-up is hard enough. When you’re also a totally new category and the first of its kind anywhere in the world, your problem is twofold: gain brand recognition while also clearly explaining exactly what it is you actually do, in terms anyone can understand.

The platform lives at the intersection of people and software by giving organisations a better picture of complex systems of software. It maps how all of an organisation’s software applications interact and affect business processes, in multiple geographic locations, across multiple teams. It does all of this in real-time and presents the information in an easy-to-comprehend cloud-based visual interface.

The platform opens up information that was previously only the domain of the IT department, meaning anyone in an organisation can now understand and make decisions about software that affects the wider business.



Aplas software mapping

The Outcome

Our strategic work began with gaining a deep understanding of the platform itself and the business objectives of the company. Working closely with the company founder and key staff through our Brand Bullseye™ workshops, Di Marca formulated a brand strategy that would help them compete on a world-scale.

Our first insights led to a name that helped people easily comprehend what it is: Aplas an atlas – for apps.

We designed a flexible brand identity system with a suite of changing logos that act as an explainer and product demonstration. The form of the logos was inspired by the basic hexagon shape that represents a single piece of software in the Aplas map. In the live map, the hexagon shape builds upon itself organically to make other, larger shapes that visually represent different teams and geographic locations at any given moment. The shape is an instantly recognisable aspect of the mapping interface platform which now represents the Aplas brand.

With Di Marca’s assistance the Aplas team are rolling out the new brand identity across all touchpoints with the base toolkit we developed. Since the brand strategy work was completed, a global trademark was successfully registered and Aplas launched the brand into the world receiving great responses from customers and new prospects alike.


What we did:

  • Business objectives
  • Target markets
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication key messages
  • Brand identity system




Aplas hexagon grid

Aplas website

Aplas poster


Client Story

Hear what Mark Crawshaw, General Manager and Founder of Aplas had to say about us: