Annecto Anual Report

The Brief

Produce an Annual Report which highlighted the real impact of Annecto – a social purpose not-for-profit organisation offering tailored support so that people can life their best life.


The Outcome

The theme of stories was used to represent the impact that this important organisation has on the wellbeing and quality of life of its clients. By conducting interviews we were able to share personal stories of peoples achievements in a way that gave them a voice, created empathy and showed the authenticity of the organisation.

White space was offset by colourful illustrations (inspired by indigenous iconography) and blocks of colour – injecting a sense of celebration whilst adhering to accessibility recommendations. The notion of voices and stories provided inspiration for the grid, where we used large margins, chapter headings and other visual cues from novels. Visual layering was also an important part of creating the feel of a rich melting pot of voices.