Take your business to the next level by transforming your culture through behaviour

Consider this for a moment. You may be underutilising your people and their behaviour as the key ingredient to transform your business. It’s the way your people represent your brand and the customer experiences they create every day, that will achieve better results.

Simply having people who understand what they do and how they do it, isn’t enough. Aligning and mobilising them to live the brand effectively is the ingredient that is missing for many businesses.

So, what’s letting you down in realising the vision you have for your business?

While having a brand strategy is critical in defining what is unique and different about what you offer, on its own it’s often not enough to realise the vision of the business.

Your customers never really see your brand strategy, they experience it. I have noticed many brand strategies fall short of their potential, and it is not because of lack of effort. In many cases, it’s because companies didn’t put a high enough level of importance on their people by designing a culture that delivers what their brand promises.

 There’s no getting away from the reality that values are an important part of brand strategy. Add workplace behaviours to support your brand values and you start to create a culture that really works for your business.

It’s what your people are being and doing that will make the difference

The way your brand resonates with customers is what delivers results through meaningful behaviour and experiences. Designing a company culture will create an aligned, motivated and ambitious environment for your people and brand to thrive in.

Defining how your people behave so they understand what’s expected from them, will positively affect your culture and translate externally to better business. When your customers experience your people performing in a way that reflects your brand, they will feel more connected and appreciative of what your brand stands for.

Time for change

Successful businesses are budgeting to design internal marketing programs that build a better company culture to activate their brand strategy. They are developing their brand values and workplace behaviours so they resonate throughout their organisations. This alignment is powerful and infectious when supported with the right internal marketing tools.

They are also giving their people the guidelines, tools and processes required for them to bring the brand strategy to life by creating better customer experiences.

Maybe it’s time to consider that adding meaning to workplace behaviour will make your brand be more relevant. Rolled out in the right way, this change can be transformative for your business by shifting the way your people think, feel and act when delivering what your brand strategy promises.