Flooring Xtra – Relax. Our floors can handle it

Selling fabulous flooring on Selling Houses Australia.

The Brief

Generate awareness and make the Flooring Xtra brand top-of-mind for the predicted summer and new year renovation boom as part of a partnership with Selling Houses Australia. Create one advertisement that focuses on promoting the brand’s hard wearing flooring solutions for any situation. Do it in a way that reinforces the brand’s unique positioning of a fabulous flooring experience.

The Challenge

Don’t fall into the boring flooring category trap of showing images and video of people selecting products instore combined with warm and fuzzy family situations.

The Creative Solution

The campaign theme ‘play hard’ was created in the creative style of the previous campaigns and supported with quirky video images that capture what a hard-wearing floor must withstand. The advertisement reinforces that active family indoor activity doesn’t have to stop with the tagline: ‘Relax, our floors can handle it’.

The Outcome

The creative continued off the back of previous ads to generate strong store traffic and product enquiry in the lead up to the holiday season. The campaign motivated consumers to visit their nearest Flooring Xtra store to discuss their renovation plans or to make an enquiry through the website, whilst building brand awareness as a fabulous flooring experience. We generated well over 700 direct leads across the national sales network, driving good sales over 6 weeks.

The Results

  • 16M ad impressions
  • 144,000 ad clicks to our store landing pages
  • More than 700 direct digital leads to stores, phone calls, emails or filling out the Contact Us form from the ads
  • Notable increase in store enquiry/visits


What we did

  • Advertising strategy
  • Creative execution
  • Pre & Post-production