Collateral - Di Marca

Your brand needs the right collateral to make the right impression.

Brand collateral is the set of materials that clients and customers will come in contact with during the course of doing business. We design and develop collateral with you to meet your specific objectives.

You brand collateral is a signal that influences perception, and needs to be considered carefully. If you have ambitions to grow and compete with more established competition, then your collateral needs to signal that you deserve to be considered in this competitive set (that PowerPoint your cousin put together probably isn’t going to cut it anymore). Likewise, if you’re a startup looking to build trust for your new venture,  your collateral could be the difference between a positive impression and a wary one.

If you’re going to leave behind a brochure, or deliver a pitch presentation, we help you leave the right impression with well executed material.

Marketing Collateral

— Brochures & fact sheets
— Capability statements
— Posters & Flyers
— Pull-up banners
— Branded merchandise
— Email marketing templates

Sales Collateral

— Sales presentations
— Pitch decks
— PowerPoint templates

Print Collateral

— Annual reports
— Tenders & EOI documents