Brand Appearance - Di Marca

The ‘clothes’ your brand wears are an incredibly important signal, and so much more than a logo.

A brand is not just a logo, it’s so much more than that. It’s very rare that we ever come across a logo in isolation. generally it will always be accompanied by words, images, colours, graphics and images.

The combination of all of these elements is your Brand Appearance, some also call it brand identity.

A Brand Appearance has multiple elements that become distinctive brand assets when used consistently – elements that become recognisable, memorable and associated to your brand. Coke red and the Nike swoosh are obvious examples, but look around your neighbourhood at local real estate agent boards and you’ll see distinctive assets you recognise instantly as well.

We take an iterative approach to developing a brand appearance. Building on your Brand Bullseye™ strategy, we first facilitate a discovery workshop with you. Here we share our research, bringing best practice examples of branding from around the world to have a visual conversation about potential approaches we could take to bring your strategy to life visually.

After that we get to work on the various elements of the Brand Appearance, starting with the logo, then considering how all of the graphic elements work together across the various mediums necessary, from print through to digital.


— Brand appearance systems
— Brand guidelines
— Stationery
— Branded environments
— Signage & wayfinding
— Uniforms
— Vehicle liveries