‘Great design has the ability to change the way people feel’.

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Where are you from?

Darwin, NT.

What inspires you?

It’s the little things. The small delights that have big impact.

Favourite movie?

Not sure I can narrow it down to one. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is definitely on the list. As well as Lawn Dogs. Their whimsical nature and bitter sweet narratives get me every time.

Favourite album cover?

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures. The visual interpretation of radio waves that can build landscapes.

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

Favourite holiday destination?

Again, a difficult thing to narrow down to one but I’d have to say the Top End of Australia is always special to me. Rugged remoteness mixed with childhood nostalgia.

What 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party if you could?

My husband, Michelle Gondry, Robin Williams, My Dad.

Coffee or Tea?

Definitely Coffee.

What are you most passionate about outside work?

Getting out into the outdoors, Photography.