Toby de Blank


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Where are you from?

Melbourne, inner-west-side

What inspires you?

I am inspired…
By nature. Ocean, sky and plenty of green.
By music. Good classical and folk, the kind that tells a story.
By a problem. There’s nothing more satisfying than clarifying a muddle of comms with a simple idea.
By my mum. She’s just brilliant.

Favourite movie?

Royal Tenenbaums probably takes the cake. Perfectly poignant, funny, open-hearted and visually stunning, Wes Anderson is the true master. 

Favourite album cover?

Odelay by Beck.

Beck Delay Cover
Beautiful and ambiguous, kinda like Beck, this bundle of flying udon noodles still makes me smile. It’s a real dog, imagine that!?

Favourite holiday destination?

Apollo Bay. It’s my spiritual home and unparalleled, take me there, now!

What 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party if you could?

Billy Connelly, Amy Poehler, Brene Brown, Steve Biddulph, CS Lewis, and Yotam Otelengi can cook!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee from the get-go, maybe a tea in arvo, maybe a long island iced tea after that 😛

What are you most passionate about outside work?

My two beautiful kids.